Zetï Imports specializes in handmade , fair trade , eco friendly gifts and home decor . We are an environmentally aware company . We endeavour to create products using recycled and natural materials through a handmade process.

-    Modern Home With a Touch of Zen  -  

Our aim is to combine modern designs with a touch of asian culture. Whether its a Buddha statue from Bali , silver jewelry from Thailand , or beautiful gemstones from India. Every piece we selectively import are thoughtfully picked out for you in mind. Its a personal mission to find pieces that will genuinely help anyone who is trying to achieve a ZEN state of mind or create a ZEN atmosphere whether at home, in a work space or studio.

-    Continuing a Family Legacy  -  

Carrying on a family business , we continue to support and encourage our worldwide artists , their families,  as well as any fair trade and local community initiatives. In brief , some families we support and encourage have continued to be with us for the past 12 years and we hope it will continue .  They receive a decent pay wage for their work , working conditions are safe with good standards and no children are exploited. Every purchase helps us to go back and help local families and communities in India , Indonesia and Nepal .






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